Shades of blonde hair

Written by Beauty Studio June 12, 2022

Blonde Hair

 Blonde hair is the perfect complement to a tan. It also looks good with green eyes and freckles, so if you have those, go for it!

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Different shades of blonde hair

There are many shades of blond hair, but the ones that most people think of as blond, or blonde, is a very, very pale gold color.

Popular shades of blonde hair dye

Platinum blonde: Ice Blonde: Buttered Blonde: Light Auburn: Mocha Blonde:

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Platinum blonde

 Platinum blonde is a hair color that has been achieved by lightening your hair with bleach. The result is a bright, silvery white color that is very striking.

Ice Blonde

 Ice Blonde is the perfect color for a summer wedding. If you're looking for a more natural blonde, this is the shade for you

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Buttered Blonde

 Buttered Blonde is a brand of buttery, golden-colored hair dye that gives you the kind of locks you've always dreamed of.

Light Auburn

 Light Auburn is a beautiful, natural hair color that is a mix of blonde and brown. It looks great on women with fair skin and green or blue eyes.

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Mocha Blonde

 Mocha Blonde is a gorgeous, deep chocolate brown shade that's perfect for those who want to make a statement with their hair.


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