Plum Black, Summer’s Most Daring Shade

Plum Hair Color  is aa trending hair color  for summer 2022 


7 Ways To Wear A Black Plum, The Hardest Shade Of Summer

The classic summer blonde is taking the back seat this season. We are looking at dark and bold tones right now.


Classic Plum

The old plum is really hidden. A deep espresso shade takes the place of the center, while the plum-colored tint provides less light as the sun hits the strands.


Violet Tint

Healthy violet really changes the whole vibe of a darker shade. We love this deep purple color.


Plum Black Accents

Even the slightest hint of plum black hair significantly changes the natural black tone, especially on the curly mane.


Plum Ends

Just a touch of black plum takes the dip dye to the next level. This take without commitment is the perfect summer shade.


All Over Plum

Make over four brunette with a refreshing new hue, like this beautiful plum that is everywhere. It is truly unique and minimal attention to your normal purple tone.


Plum Espresso

This multi-dimensional tone can turn one-note tresses into a summer work of art. The deep color of the espresso blends with the beautiful plum gradient to create this shade.


Plum Ombré

With dark roots and ends of black cherry, this beautiful plum palette is glorious.

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