California Brunette: Latest Brown Hair Color Trend

By: Beauty Studio 2022 

California brunette is a masterpiece of subtle blonding. Designed to look like you are spending your days under the California sun.

What Is California Brunette?

This warm and subtle color offers excellent vibration of nature, while making an impact with its balayaged technical highlight.

The key to creating this color is to stay close to your natural color, between three to four shades when you are very light, and one to two shades in depth.

How Do I Ask for It?

You should take this color to the salon to get the best results, but if your stylist is not sure what you mean by the California brunette.

There are two approaches First, always bring up encouraging pictures. Having many photo options will help you and style communicate the likes, dislikes, by color.

Additionally, you can request a soft balayage, or highlights of a free hand as it is sometimes known.

What is California balayage?

California balayage is Jack's new method, which he describes as "the heaviest body of the old balayage with a slow-moving root.

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