California Brunette Hair

By: Beauty Studio

"California Brunette" is the new summer hair color trend. The look includes highlighting brunette hair with a subtle sun-kissed look.

Get inspiration for a California brunette hair color trend to bring to the salon.

"California brunette" is the latest hair color trend that has everyone sprinting to their hair salon with inspirational photos in hand looking for a color refresh.

While you may not yet be familiar with the term "California Brunette" when it comes to hair color,

you've probably seen what she looks like on social media or been rocked by some of your favorite beauty influencers and celebrities. 

This trend recently went viral on TikTok and is shaping up to be one of the most popular hair color trends of summer 2022.

The hair color trend has been dubbed “California Brunette” because California is known for its sunny weather.

What is the sunny weather doing to your hair? Well, of course it makes it easier.

The new trend in hair color is basically soft blonde and it's easier to achieve than you might think.

"Think of the sun, you've just returned from a tropical vacation. Easy bursts of lightness with just the right placement that add purposeful warmth and richness to the skin,"

 Los Angeles-based hairstylist Sierra Kener tells POPSUGAR