4 Best Haircuts and Trending Hairstyle try this summer

By Beauty Studio| Jan 29, 2022

* The Fonda (layers, layers, layers) * The Winona (the soft pixie) * The Lauryn (new wave) * The Demi (the new bob)

 This is a look for shoulder-length to long hair. Ask your hairstylist for a heavy fringe that tapers at the outer edges, and to create short layers

The Fonda (layers, layers, layers)

  This hairstyle looks great once dried naturally. Scrunch in a pea-sized amount of soft clay, like Larry King’s Velvet Texture Clay, £22, to enhance the layers and bring out the details of the cut.

  The new crop is inspired by the classic pixie, but the hairline around the nape is left longer for softer edges.

The Winona (the soft pixie)

 If you want to highlight your natural texture, go for a round, layered cut like singer Lauryn Hill’s.

 If you have curly hair, now is the time to show it off. Whether your hair is short or long, tease out your curls and coils and wear them to their fullest.

 Lauryn (new wave)

 If you have a natural curl or wave, a layered cut like the one singer Lauryn Hill has will emphasize your texture.

 Bobs have been given a chic new update for summer, with the cut hitting below the chin and featuring clean, blunt ends.

The Demi (the new bob)

To begin, shampoo hair with a strengthening and repairing shampoo and conditioner, such as Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo.