Unnatural hair colors for pale skin

Unnatural hair colors for pale skin

Pale people often think that their pale skin is an obstacle to pulling off cool hair colors. I’m going to tell you that this is not true. Sure, if you don’t look good with a certain color, then you won’t look good with that color.

But for the most part, the same colors will look amazing on you as they do on people with darker skin tones.

Unnatural hair colors for pale skin
Unnatural hair colors for pale skin

If your complexion is fair and warm-toned (meaning your coloring tends more toward yellow/olive hues), your best bet is a shade of red or purple in a deep tone. For example, dark cherry red or royal purple would be perfect for you.

The contrast between these dark hues and your fair complexion will make both of them pop without draining the life from your skin!

If you’re cool-toned (your coloring tends more toward pink/blue hues), then it’s time to go for pastels like lavender and mint green. Your fair complexion makes pastel shades easier to pull off than they would be on someone with darker skin, so go ahead—express yourself!

In general, if your pale skin has pink undertones, avoid blue-based dyes because they can make the pink in your skin more pronounced and can even bring out ruddiness in some people’s complexions.

If your pale skin has yellow undertones, avoid orange-based dyes because they can enhance yellow undertones and make them more obvious than they actually are.

What is pale skin tone?

Here’s a rough guide on how to determine if you’re pale:

  • Check your veins. If they look greenish, then you probably have light to medium skin.
  • Look at the top of your hands in the sun. Do you see a lot of freckles and moles? If so, then chances are you were born with high amounts of melanin in your skin, making it more sensitive to the sun.
  • Think about whether or not any part of your body has ever been burned by the sun before. This is an indication that you’re fair-skinned and therefore may fall into one of three categories: alabaster (very light), ivory (light) or porcelain (medium).

You should consider using an SPF sunscreen when going outside for long periods time in order to prevent future burns from happening again!

unnatural hair colors for pale skin
unnatural hair colors for pale skin

What hair color is best for pale skin?

Here’s how to find the best hair color for pale skin:

  • Match your tone. If you have a cool tone, you’ll want a color that is more on the cool side of the spectrum as well. That means staying away from reds and sticking to browns, blacks, or blues.
  • Consider your features. The best way to make sure you choose the right shade of color is to consider your skin’s undertones. If your skin has pink or blue undertones, it will look better in cool tones like black, brown, or blue-black.

However, if you have yellow undertones in your skin (like olive tones), then warm colors like golden blonde will look great on you!

  • Avoid working against nature. When choosing a color for pale skinned people it’s important not to pick one that looks unnatural for their complexion – this means avoiding light blondes and reds altogether! Instead opt for darker shades with golden highlights so they’re less harsh against fair complexions.”
Unnatural hair colors for pale skin
Unnatural hair colors for pale skin

Does pale skin look better with dark or light hair?

  • Does pale skin look better with dark or light hair?

Pale skin generally looks better with darker hair. Lighter shades can be tricky to pull off, as they can wash you out. On the other hand, if your cool-toned features allow you to pull off warmer shades of blonde and red, you’ll look stunning.

  • Should I go for brighter or more muted tones?

If your skin tone is on the cooler side, choose a hair color that reflects that. Cooler hues will complement your skin tone best. However, if your complexion is warm-toned, you can experiment with a wide range of shades from bright reds and purples to rich browns and soft blondes!

What colors wash out pale skin?

The most important thing to remember when deciding Unnatural hair colors for pale skin. While you might think that pale skin can be paired with any hair color, there are some colors that just won’t look right on a pale complexion.

A good rule of thumb is that colors based on blue, green, or yellow don’t blend well with pale skin. In other words, if the dye’s bottle has a predominance of these colors, it’s not going to work for you. If you have cool-toned pale skin and you want to wear an unnatural hair color for pale skin (and who doesn’t?), avoid dyes that have a green or yellow base as these colors will make your complexion appear sallow and washed out.

Should I dye my hair black if I have pale skin?

In general, if you have a pale skin tone, you want to avoid dying black Unnatural hair colors for pale skin. While some people can pull off this look well, it tends to make most people look pale and sickly. Your hair color should complement your skin tone and eye color.

If you have very pale skin—and I mean porcelain white like Snow White (not the Disney version), go with light colors such as blondes or platinum shades of white. These will really bring out the color in your face and make you look great!

If you have very dark or “olive” colored skin, black hair looks fantastic! It makes their features pop and their eyes stand out beautifully.

There is a way around the rule though. If your complexion is somewhere in between these two extremes and has a golden undertone to it, black hair can work for you too!

Best Unnatural hair colors for pale skin

Pale skin with dark hair is a great canvas for unnatural hair colors for pale skin. If you’re thinking of breaking away from the norm and going for something a little bolder and brighter, we salute you! Natural colors are super beautiful and all, but sometimes they can get kind of boring.

Here are the best unnatural hair colors for pale skin

  • Cinnamon
  • Light Auburn
  • Dark Auburn
  • Burgundy
  • Copper
  • Candy Apple Red
  • Bright Red and Orange
Best Unnatural hair colors for pale skin
Best Unnatural hair colors for pale skin


Cinnamon is a popular color for women to try out. It’s not too bright but it’s still innovative and fun.

Light Auburn

Light Auburn is a warm reddish-brown color. If you’re looking for a hair color that’s versatile, subtle and noticeable at the same time, this maybe it. This color can brighten up your appearance when applied to the entire head, but it can also add depth to other colors if used as an accent.

Way to wear light auburn Unnatural hair colors for pale skin.

  • The best way to wear light auburn hair dye is by applying it over blonde hair color.
  • It looks amazing on platinum blonde or ash blondes because it can add warmth and luster without going too far into red territory.
  • Try splicing this shade with other colors to create eye-catching streaks for a fun and trendy look! You’ll be sure to turn heads with this unique style!

Dark Auburn

Similar to cinnamon and burgundy, dark auburn works well with pale skin because it’s the definition of warm. It’s like light auburn but richer, which makes it stand out more. And if you don’t want hair that looks too red, but still want something that isn’t quite brown, this is probably your best bet.


If you have pale skin and are looking for a color that is easy to wear, burgundy is an excellent option. It’s not as bold and in-your-face as some other unnatural colors but it looks great with a variety of skin tones, especially fair ones.

While burgundy and other red shades look best on people with warmer undertones, if you’re someone who has more cool toned skin (you can easily), auburn shades can still work well on you.


Copper is the perfect red Unnatural hair colors for pale skin. The vibrant color looks best on people with blue or green eyes, so if you have a neutral eye color (brown, black or hazel), this hair color might be a good choice for you. It’s also the most versatile shade of red, so you can go as light or dark as your heart desires.

Candy Apple Red

Pale skin can make the red color look unnatural, even if it’s the perfect shade for you. If you don’t want to go through with bleaching your hair, consider asking for a demi-permanent hair dye—these dyes are gentler on your hair and won’t damage it as much as their permanent counterparts.

Bright Red and Orange

For pale skin, the best unnatural shades are bright orange and red. If you’ve got a complexion on the paler side, you may find that an unnatural hair colors for pale skin can make your complexion look even more pallid than it normally does. In most cases, these brighter hues will liven up your skin tone.

You’ll do well with bright orange and red shades if you have a pale complexion. These lively hues don’t clash with porcelain skin tones or make them look washed out like some other unnatural colors can.

The Best Blonde Hair Colors for Pale Skin

Unnatural hair colors for pale skin
Unnatural hair colors for pale skin

If you’re one of those people who called “blonde” for dibs before the game even began, you may want to consider your options a little closer. As a fair-skinned lady myself, I was always told that my natural strawberry blonde hair color was ideal for me.

Talk about a confidence boost! But what if you’re not a natural strawberry blonde? What if you have greasy, thin hair that makes it difficult to pull off naturally bright shades?

Honey Blonde hair color

Honey blonde is a gorgeous color that many people with pale skin love. The warm tones in this color light up the face and make you look like you just spent a week at the beach, even if you’ve been cooped up in an office all summer.

There are two main types of honey blonde hair color:

  • Ashy honey blonde – This is for people with a cool pink undertone to their skin. People who fall into this category tend to blush easily or get irritated around certain alcohols and perfumes (congratulations! You’re an ultra-taster). The ash tones in this hair color will cancel out the pink in your face, giving you an even complexion and making your eyes pop.
  • Golden honey blonde– This is for those with more of a yellow tone under their pale skin. If you fall into this category, your veins tend to appear greenish rather than blue when held close to the surface of your skin. The golden tones in the hair color will flatter your complexion by amplifying its natural warmth.

Platinum Blonde

This is not a hair color that you want to attempt without the help of a colorist, as it can be very difficult to get right and apply evenly. Platinum blonde is best suited for people with pale skin because it is pale but not washed out. It can also be helpful if you have cool undertones in your skin, as the slight grayish tint will make your skin seem even more fair and bright.

If you are seeking this particular shade of blonde, then you are probably trying to achieve an icy white look. It should be noted however that people with warmer undertones in their skin might find this color too stark for their complexion. In this case, you may wish to stay away or opt for a shade of blonde that is slightly less pure platinum (if such thing exists).

White hair color

White is bold and trendy, but also very chic and feminine. If you don’t want to go full on platinum blonde but still want the look of white hair, you should try Arctic Mist by Special Effects Hair Dye—it’s great for pale skin because it has less contrast than other colors. It’ll also help if your wearable makeup matches this lip color as well!


First, let’s tackle “bronde,” which sounds like a word someone would say after one too many glasses of wine but is actually blonde hair with brown lowlights. It’s a warm, medium brown hair color with golden blonde highlights. Basically, it’s the best of both worlds and it looks incredible on pale skinned women! It’s also a perfect color for naturally dark-haired women who want to go lighter without going blonde.

Mushroom Blonde

Mushroom blonde is a mix of brown and blonde hair that’s not as ashy or natural as brown hair, but it isn’t brassy like blonde. It’s subtle and natural—the perfect balance of warm and cool tones. Mushroom blondes are ideal for pale-skinned with olive undertones.

Champagne Blonde

Champagne Blonde is a soft and delicate blonde shade. It is a perfect Unnatural hair colors for pale skin that has a yellow undertone. It is also a great choice for people with warm skin tone. Champagne blonde is the kind of blonde shade that will make your eyes look more vibrant, especially if you have blue or green eyes.

Cream Blonde

Cream blonde hair color is ideal for pale skin. Most hair colors will not look as good on someone with pale skin as a cream blonde. If you have pale skin and are looking for a natural hair color that will give you a little bit of sun kissed glow, then cream blonde is the best option out there!

Strawberry Blonde

  • If you have pale skin, use a color that complements your skin tone and doesn’t wash you out.
  • Look for hair colors that have a warmer tone or a golden undertone to complement your pale skin.
  • Strawberry blonde hair color is a pale to medium shade of red. When paired with warm fair skin, the result is one of natural-looking radiance and subtle glamour.

Blonde Hair with Lowlights

  • Blonde hair is a great choice for pale skin.
  • Blonde hair with lowlights is an even better choice.
  • Lowlights are subtle strands of darker hair woven into the blonde that add dimension and depth to your color. The effect is especially flattering for pale skin because it adds definition to your face, enhancing cheekbones and jawlines.

Blonde With Copper Highlights

If you’re a natural blonde with pale skin, copper highlights will make your hair look more natural and give it a subtle glow. If your regular shade is light or medium brown, copper highlights can work for you as well.

If you’ve got fair skin and dark hair, don’t despair! Though red hues can be tricky on olive or dark complexions, copper accents are surprisingly versatile—they even go well with black hair!

Dirty Blonde

If you have light eyes and a lot of freckles, dirty blonde will provide a pleasant pop without clashing with your naturally reddish undertones.

The Best Brunette Hair Colors for Pale Skin

The Best Brunette Hair Colors for Pale Skin
The Best Brunette Hair Colors for Pale Skin

Mushroom Brown

Mushroom brown is a cool brunette that can work for everyone, but it’s especially beautiful against pale skin. It’s a shade that will make you look like you just spent the entire summer under the Tuscan sun, minus the exposure to harmful UV rays and without destroying your hair.

Caramel Brown

If you’re thinking about going light, caramel brown is a great place to start. This warm shade will bring out the best in your complexion, so if you’re naturally pale, it can be the perfect way to add color and life to your look.

The best part? Caramel brown can be achieved with a combination of light brown and blonde dyes, so it’s an easy way to get lighter hair without damaging your hair or committing to one shade.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown hair is a rich, deep tone of brown that is generally quite similar to dark brown hair. It has a deep, warm tone that is often confused with black hair. If you are looking to add subtle cool tones to your chocolate brown hair color, opt for an ashy or reddish-brown shade. These shades can be flattering on women with fair skin and blue eyes.

Milk Chocolate

This may look like a boring shade of brown, but it’s so much more! Milk chocolate is one of the best permanent hair color shades for pale skin, as the warm undertones complement any pale skin tone.

This rich, reddish-brown shade looks great on all skin tones and has just enough warmth to offset fair skin.

Unnatural hair colors for pale skin and green eyes

If you have pale skin, your eyes are probably green, blue or a very light brown. The amount of redness in your skin and hair can vary quite a bit. If you’re looking to go with an unusual or unnatural hair color, this is great news!

Unusual hair colors work best on people with porcelain skin and cool undertones like yours because the strong contrast of color really pops against the light complexion. It’s also true that these looks can be dramatic or bold, but if you’re considering them, it probably means you’re someone who isn’t afraid of going outside the box.

And when done right, putting in some unusual-colored streaks or dyeing your whole head a deep shade can be so much fun that everyone will be envious!

Unnatural hair colors for pale skin and green eyes
Unnatural hair colors for pale skin and green eyes

Pastel violet hair

Pastel violet hair is one of the most popular Unnatural hair colors for pale skin with green eyes and pale skin. This could be because it’s trendy, or maybe because it looks good on many different hair types. It also happens to be a color that matches your eye color and skin tone perfectly.

You can easily get pastel violet hair in a salon, but if you don’t have time for that or if you just like to DIY things, you can do it yourself at home. All the supplies you need are easy to get at any drugstore–and they’re not very expensive either! You’ll want to invest in some purple-tinted conditioner as well though, so that when your roots start growing out the dye doesn’t look too muddy.

Hot pink hair

Hot pink is a fun look on pale skin and green eyes. Pink hair can be playful, energetic, seductive, or flirty depending on the shade. The first thing to do is choose your shade of pink.

Metallic purple hair

Metallic is an Unnatural hair colors for pale skin It’s an excellent choice for anyone with green eyes and pale skin because it really makes both features pop. Metallic purple in particular will look great if you have dark hair or are willing to dye yours a darker color before coloring it.

Soft pink hair

If you have pale skin and green eyes, soft pink hair is a good choice. It brings out the natural color of your eyes while giving a flattering glow to your skin tone.

Sunset dyed hair

A truly great hair idea for green-eyed gals who are also pale in complexion is to dye your hair the colors of a sunset. The colors found in the sky at dusk and dawn can be very beautiful, ranging from warm oranges, reds and yellows to cool purples and blues. These colors can really make your face glow!

It is easy to find beautiful unnatural hair colors that suit you if you have pale skin and green eyes.

If you have pale skin with green eyes, it is easy to find beautiful unnatural hair colors for pale skin that suit you. Metallic purple hair is a good option for you. You can also try soft pink hair or if you like bold colors, try hot pink hair. Pastel violet hair looks great on you too.

what unnatural hair color is for you?

what unnatural hair color is for you?
what unnatural hair color is for you?


A pink head is a sign of a person who is outgoing, fun, and not afraid to stand out. If you’re looking for a color that says “I’m creative!” look no further than a soft blush hue, or an electric hot pink.


Blonde is one of the most popular choices for unnatural hair colors for pale skin. It can be found in a wide variety of shades, from light yellow to golden. There are also plenty of celebrity fans who wear the hue.


Green is one of the most common unnatural hair colors for pale skin, and it’s also one of the most artistic. A green dye job can make for a truly expressive look, especially if you’re bold enough to give yourself an asymmetrical cut as well. Holographic green hair is also having a big moment right now, so this might be a good time to try out fusing your strands with mermaid’s tears.


Blue is a cool color, which means it will bring out your best features. It also has associations with calmness and peace. As a result, it’s often chosen by people who feel stressed in their daily lives and would like to convey an air of tranquility. If you have fair skin, light eyes and short hair, blue may be the perfect match for you!


Red is an amazing color, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for a color that will stand out and make a statement, this is the one for you. It’s also a great choice if you want your hair to be red since it flatters almost all skin tones.


To create purple, we need to combine blue and red. Unlike the warm tones of orange and yellow, purple is a cool tone. The color wheel below shows all the colors that can be made from mixing only primary colors (red, blue, and yellow).


If you want to make a bold statement, try black. Black hair color will draw attention to your face and is a great choice if you have darker skin. However, if you have fair skin, black hair will give you the opposite effect: it’ll make you look like a vampire.


This color works on hair that is dark blonde to medium-dark brown, and it looks especially great on those with a blue undertone to their skin. Blonde hair can get away with this color just as well as dark-haired people—it all depends on how much you’re willing to bleach your locks. Teal eyeshadow often does wonders for brown-eyed folks, but teal hair is an entirely new experience—and one worth trying out!

You should dye your hair a color you like when you feel ready.

Before you dye your hair, make sure you know what sort of maintenance and upkeep is required to keep it looking good. If you don’t want to be spending a lot of time on your hair, pick a color that is pretty similar to your natural hair color.

This can work for both darker and lighter colors; if you’re really into the idea of being a blonde, but aren’t ready to commit to bleaching all your hair, get a few highlights or lowlights first.

If you do decide to go full-on unnatural with your hue, make sure you find out if there are any health risks associated with the type of dye. If not maintained properly, some dyes can burn or discolor skin or even cause damage to the scalp and hair follicles. But if you think it’s worth it for whatever reason, give it two thumbs up!

If you’d rather not risk any potential damages from dying or bleaching your hair, try temporary dyes instead. It doesn’t take long for them to wash out (usually 3-4 washes), so this is best for people who just want something fun in their lives for a short amount of time (and don’t mind having boring colored hair after).


We hope you enjoyed our post about unnatural hair colors for pale skin. As you can see, it is possible to dye your hair any color you like as long as you are careful and pay close attention to detail. We wish you luck with your unnatural hair color endeavors and please remember to take care of your hair and body!

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