Unnatural hair colors for olive skin

Unnatural hair colors for olive skin

What is olive skin

Olive skin is the term used to describe a particular skin tone that has a yellow or green undertone. This type of skin has medium to high melanin levels, and people with olive skin often fall into the neutral category of skin tone.

People with olive skin are most commonly found in places where the sun is plentiful, such as southern Europe and parts of Africa, Asia, and America.

Unnatural hair colors for olive skin
Unnatural hair colors for olive skin

How to choose a best Unnatural hair color for olive skin

You’ve done the hard work of figuring out your skin tone and now it’s time to pick the right hair color.

The best hair color for olive skin is a cool toned hair color, so this limits the spectrum a little bit. You can choose any shade you like but if you want to be sure it will look great, here are some suggestions:

There are many colors that can be used for unnatural hair colors for olive skin.

Here are the ones we like:


Lavender unnatural hair color for olive skin
Lavender unnatural hair color for olive skin

Lavender is the best unnatural hair color for olive skin.

  • Lavender is a lovely, cool purple shade that works really well on olive skin tones.
  • It looks best when it’s paired with other hair colors as highlights or lowlights.

If you aren’t feeling so bold, try putting lavender on the bottom half of your hair.


This metallic shade has recently become quite trendy, and it’s a striking look that complements olive skin. Silver hair can be achieved in a few ways:

silver unnatural hair color for olive skin
silver unnatural hair color for olive skin
  • some choose to dye it entirely silver, while others opt to incorporate strands of silver into an otherwise natural-colored hue.
  • While it may seem like a bold statement, the versatility of this color is one of its best features. You can pair silver hair with a matching outfit for maximum impact, or tone down your look by wearing other shades—a silver hairdo gives you plenty of options when choosing clothing and accessories.
  • If you have any doubts about whether this color will suit you, why not try getting a temporary hair coloring product? This means that if you don’t like it after all, there’s no damaging bleaching or dyeing to worry about—you can simply wash out the temporary dye!


Coral is a hair color idea for those who want to be in the spotlight. It’s a perfect choice for girls with light skin tones. It can be worn on darker hair. It’s perfect for summer.

Navy Blue

navy blue unnatural hair color for olive skin
navy blue unnatural hair color for olive skin

In the same way that navy blue is a universal color for clothes, it’s also an unnatural hair color for olive skin. It’s a cool color, which means it will help you look brighter and more awake (unlike warm colors, which add yellow to your complexion).

Navy blue goes great with just about everything in your wardrobe—it looks good with both grey and black.

The best part about being natural is that you can style your hair however you want!

If you want to wear weaves or wigs, go for it! And there are so many colors of the rainbow from which to choose.

Fuchsia Pink

Fuchsia Pink unnatural hair colors for olive skin
Fuchsia Pink unnatural hair colors for olive skin

Coloring your hair with a fuchsia pink shade is one of the most popular unnatural hair colors for olive skin. As with any color, you’ll want to choose a rich shade that complements your skin tone.

If you have a cool undertone, look for something reddish with blue undertones. For those with warm undertones, choose a purple-leaning pink. Here are some tips for choosing and maintaining this colorful look:

  • After you take a shower wash your hair using 1 cup of white vinegar and 3 cups of water. This helps to close your cuticle and create vibrant color (not to mention reduce frizz).
  • When dying use gloves and apply the dye in small sections starting at the roots working down to the ends each time
  • Use an extra conditioner after dying such as coconut oil or ultra-rich conditioner.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is the best unnatural hair colors for olive skin. Rose Gold is a very unique hair color. It’s a great hair color and looks great on olive skin tones and complements this skin tone. Rose Gold is a perfect color for olive skin tones.

Platinum Blonde

platinum blonde Shades of blonde hair
platinum blonde Shades of blonde hair

You’re in luck, as platinum blonde is the perfect shade for olive skin. When it comes to lightening up your locks, you’ll want to opt for a tone that doesn’t wash out your complexion.

This means staying away from yellows and gold undertones, which can make the skin look sallow. Platinum blonde is an especially flattering option for those with warm skin tones in the fall and winter months.

It’s more of a natural-looking shade of blonde, so it gives the skin a healthy-looking glow rather than leaving your complexion looking dull or washed out.

As for general color maintenance, Dr. Madres recommends using Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Shampoo and Conditioner once a week ($27 each; Ultra) to ensure that hair stays hydrated and healthy despite being dyed such a light color.


  • If you have olive skin, the best pink is the best unnatural hair colors for olive skin to try are dark tones of rose gold, strawberry blonde, or fuchsia.
  • Luckily, there are a variety of different ways you can dye your hair pink. You can either go for a semi-permanent dye that washes out over time or a permanent one that lasts until your roots grow out and need to be touched up again.
  • To maintain healthy hair and color vibrancy, it’s important to keep your new pink ‘do moisturized and protected from sun exposure.


  • Orange is a great color for you. This warm color looks amazing on people with olive skin and it compliments your natural glow.
  • Orange is one of the few shades that will add a healthy pop of color to your hair. To get orange hair, start with a dark base coat and use a high-quality bleach to get the perfect shade of orange.
  • For an even bigger pop, wear makeup in the same shade as your orange hair! Your eyes will light up and look incredible when you pair them with an orange eye shadow or eyeliner.


black unnatural hair colors for olive skin
black unnatural hair colors for olive skin

You can’t get much bolder than black hair. It sets you apart from the crowd and gives you a mysterious look to boot. With olive skin, your face will glow against such a dark color.

Be sure to choose a deep shade of black for maximum impact, and avoid ashy tones that tend to wash out all but the lightest complexions. Your black hair will also work well with virtually any makeup that you choose to pair it with, making it an ideal choice for a fun night out!

Black hair is high-maintenance, though. You’ll need frequent touch-ups at your stylist in order to keep it looking shiny and vibrant. Make sure that you use specific hair care products designed for dyed or colored locks so that your black mane doesn’t fade into something else entirely!

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a beautiful unnatural hair colors for olive skin. If you want to change up your look with a bright and fun color, this is the way to go. It is also a great way to add dimension and shine to your hair.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet is the perfect shade for olive skin tones. Red velvet cupcakes, red velvet suits on the best dressed lists, and of course, red velvet hair color.

If you want a fabulous hair color that’ll turn heads this summer, consider going with a rich and vibrant red velvet color to compliment your olive skin tone.

Neon Green

unnatural hair colors for olive skin
neon green unnatural hair colors for olive skin

If you like bright, bold colors and styles, then this is the color for you. It’s a great color for women with olive skin because it doesn’t conflict with your natural shade. This color also isn’t as intense as other neon shades, but it still makes a big statement.

Neon green will look more subtle on olive skin because of your tones. For example, if you have bronze highlights in your hair, the neon green will show up more vibrantly than it would on someone with pure black hair.

There are also tips and tricks to make the color last longer before it starts to fade away. The fading process is just as important when choosing a dye job as the actual coloring stage because it’s what gives you that unique flair that makes people stop and think twice about whether or not they like your new look or not.


Merlot is a deep, wine-red color that’s flattering for olive skin. It’s rich and textured and gives you a really nice look, especially in the fall.


auburn unnatural hair colors for olive skin
auburn unnatural hair colors for olive skin

When you’re looking for a hair color to suit your olive skin, Auburn is the one of the best unnatural hair colors for olive skin tons. It’s one of those colors that looks good on most people, but it’s particularly gorgeous on anyone with warm-toned skin.

Auburn is an understated red hue—a mixture of red and brown that can range from subtle to very vibrant. You can achieve this popular look through highlights or an all-over dye job.

If you go the highlight route: Darker roots leading into lighter tips will accentuate your features without clashing with your complexion.

Should you choose all-over color instead: Your stylist may have to apply the color in more than one session until it reaches your desired intensity level to avoid less-than-desirable results like fading or brassiness.

Be sure to use a sulfate free shampoo after coloring, as well as products formulated for colored hair; they contain ingredients designed to protect color pigments from washing out so you’ll keep that salon fresh look longer.

Honey Blonde

Honey blonde is a light golden color that has a warm tone. It works well with green eyes and will show up well on darker skin tones. This shade is great for olive skin, as it gives a natural look that isn’t too dark or too light.

Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights are just the color you need to lift your olive skin. They will bring out the glow and also make your skin look radiant. If you are uncertain about whether or not caramel is the right highlight for you, ask a professional stylist.

The warm caramel tones will bring out the best in your complexion, especially if you have dark brown hair, but light brown hair can also be well-complemented by this shade.

Chocolate Brown

chocolate brown unnatural hair colors for olive skin
chocolate brown unnatural hair colors for olive skin

The best way to get chocolate brown hair is through the balayage or lowlights. The dark base will make it a lot easier to cover, but you should still stay within three shades of your natural hair color to keep the look as natural as possible.

If you are going for a more dramatic look, consider adding some warm or cool highlights to lift your face and add dimension to your look.

If you have a darker complexion, you can go darker with this shade because it will complement your skin tone better than lighter colors would.

We recommend asking for a chocolate brown shade that has undertones of red in it (if your desired color does not already have red undertones). This will help offset any greenish tint from yellow undertones in hyperpigmentation on medium skin tones and give them an even glow all over!

Milk Chocolate

  • This is a best unnatural hair colors for olive skin. It looks best on medium to dark skin tones and pairs well with dark eyes.
  • This is a chocolate brown tone with a hint of red. This shade adds warmth to your face and pairs beautifully with olive skin and black eyes.
  • This color is perfect for olive skin. It looks great on fair or medium skin tones, but the reddish undertones are not recommended for very fair complexions.
  • This looks great with dark eyes. The rich, warm hues bring out the depth in your irises while adding some contrast to them at the same time.


Espresso is a great choice for your olive skin tone. It’s deep, dark brown that won’t clash with your natural coloring. It’s also a color that will work well with highlights and lowlights.


Chestnut brown is a dark, but not too dark, rich and warm color that looks great on medium to dark skin tones. It adds depth and dimension to your hair, while also being dramatic and striking. Chestnut is a flattering shade of unnatural hair colors for olive skin because it’s a warm color with reddish undertones and doesn’t wash you out.


copper unnatural hair colors for olive skin.
copper unnatural hair colors for olive skin.

As with most things in life, there are several shades of copper. Do you want to go for a warm or cool color? If your skin tone is on the warmer side, then a bright, fiery copper color might suit you best. But if your skin has a cooler undertone, then you may want to opt for something more subtle and muted.

This hair color looks great with green eyes because it brings out their natural beauty! Try it if you’ve got hazel, blue or brown eyes too! You can also try this hue without bleaching your hair first – just dye over light locks that have been dyed blonde before (or even dark brown).

Bright Red

A bold red is a fantastic choice for those with olive skin tones. You can keep it classic with a deep shade (which will really compliment your skin!) or try an eye-catching ruby tone that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

If you’re worried about looking too washed out, don’t be! A bright red looks great on different skin tones and ages because it’s just such a vibrant color. But if you’re feeling more conservative, go with a softer hue that still complements the undertones in your skin. This is the best way to rock cool tones!

Cool Blonde Balayage

Cool blonde balayage is a gorgeous unnatural hair colors for olive skin technique that adds subtle color to those sporting darker hair.

The color looks especially fantastic on olive skin, which is why if you’ve got olive skin and are looking for a new hair color then this could be the perfect option for you.


bronde unnatural hair colors for olive skin
bronde unnatural hair colors for olive skin

Bronde hair is a combination of both brown and blonde tones, which makes for a gorgeous shade because it looks natural. This color adds depth to your look and is generally a low-maintenance option because the highlights are subtle.

Since bronde has warm tones, olive skin types can enjoy this look without having to worry about looking washed out!

Beachy Blonde

Light blonde with ashy undertones is a hair color that almost looks like you’ve spent the day at the beach. This shade of blonde looks light and airy, and it won’t be too much of a departure if you have a natural dark brown or black hair color.

This shade can definitely be achieved on your own, but bleaching your hair and then adding in a lot of highlights isn’t recommended unless you have experience coloring your own hair. It would be best to go to a salon where they can help you achieve this beachy look.

Medium Brown

unnatural hair colors for olive skin
Medium Brown unnatural hair colors for olive skin

Medium brown is an excellent unnatural hair colors for olive skin technique who don’t want to color their hair too dark. Dark brown can sometimes make skin look dull, but medium brown is a happy medium between light and dark that won’t wash you out.

Green undertones in your skin will also help make the blue undertones in your hair pop, giving it more dimension and richness than you’d get with plain old dark brown. If you do want to go darker, consider adding blonde highlights to bring some warmth and brightness into the mix—this will help give your face a glow, too!

Dark Brown with Subtle Highlights

For those who want to make a change but not go too far, there are natural shades that will suit your light skin and dark features perfectly. Take this dark brown hair color with subtle highlights, for example! It manages to look both natural and vibrant, making it a great choice for olive skin tones.

If you’re afraid of taking the plunge into a hair color unnatural, start with highlights or lowlights. The great thing about this technique is that it depends on how many strands of hair you want to dye.

You can be subtle or go all out—the choice is yours! Blonde highlights on dark brown hair will really bring out your eyes and make the color of your skin pop.

Cinnamon Balayage

Cinnamon balayage” may be a technical term for unnatural hair colors for olive skin, but it’s also delicious enough to conjure the aromas of fall.

Cinnamon Balayage unnatural hair colors for olive skin,
Cinnamon Balayage unnatural hair colors for olive skin

The word “balayage” itself is French for “to sweep” and it was originally a painting technique created in the late 1970s by French colorist Christophe Robin.

Cinnamon balayage is subtle; there aren’t any drastic contrasts between highlights and lowlights. It offers a degree of flexibility, too—it can be made warmer or cooler depending on your individual coloring and preferences.

To achieve this look, you’ll want to locate a hairstylist with experience in color work, especially with lighter shades. Bring photos of the look that you’re aiming for so that he or she can get an idea of how much lightness you’d like to see in your locks and which portions of your head should be highlighted most.

Once you’ve got beautiful cinnamon-hued hair, remember that lighter colors tend to fade faster than darker tones so plan on visiting your stylist once every four to eight weeks for touch-ups.

Rooted Gray 

This look is currently on trend and has a natural feeling to it. Since gray hair is commonly dark at the roots, this look can be flattering for many skin tones, including olive.

If you don’t want to pay for frequent root touch-ups, opt for a rooted gray color that requires less maintenance. This will allow your natural color to peek through as the roots grow out and won’t require regular trips to the salon.

Almost Black

For the dark-haired olive-skinned girls among us, hair colors that are almost black can be a great way to spice up your look. Warm browns and reds work well because they contrast with your natural hair color and skin tone.

If you’re trying to make a big change, consider adding blonde highlights for a fun and flirty contrast. Skip the lighter shades if you don’t want to deal with frequent root touch-ups or if you’d rather not fry your hair with bleach!

Vibrant Violet

vibrant violet unnatural hair colors for olive skin,
vibrant violet unnatural hair colors for olive skin,

Vibrant Violet – For a shade that pops against your skin, opt for violet. “This intense ink-colored hair color is flattering on those with warm undertones,” says Buay. “It’s rich and sultry, but has a youthful attitude.”

You can use this page to find the best hair colors for you by entering your details (or those of someone else) in the form below:


Green is such a wonderful color. It’s a color that I would love to wear all the time. When I see green, I think of leaves, grass, and money.

which unnatural hair color suits me

You should try purple hair! It’s an unnatural hair colors for olive skin.  That will make you stand out. It’s called “unnatural” for a reason, but it’s also totally chic. For example, take Olivia Wilde—she’s wearing her hair long and and dyed a deep amethyst shade.

Her hair looks gorgeous and she is still undeniably herself. If you’re looking to go short and sweet, maybe try a lavender color like Michelle Williams did!


We hope you enjoyed our article about unnatural hair colors for olive skin. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your appearance whether you work in an office environment or you are in the entertainment industry. So what are you waiting for? Change up your hair color today by visiting justbeautys.com.

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