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Skunk stripe hair is a type of hairstyle that is characterized by a stripe of hair running down the center of the head. This stripe can be of any color but is typically darker than the rest of the hair. The skunk stripe is often seen in punk and rockabilly styles but can be worn by anyone.

skunk stripe hair
skunk stripe hair

What is Skunk Stripe Hair?

A skunk stripe is a strip of hair, usually on the side of the head, that’s of a different color than the rest of your hair. The most common skunk stripe colors are blonde or white. If your hair is black or dark brown and you want to do a skunk stripe, you can use colored hair dye instead of bleaching it.

Skunk stripes are typically only done on one side of the head and often go from just below one ear down to near where your ponytail would be if you had one (or close enough).

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5 Best Skunk Stripe Hair

There are a million ways to make a skunk line hair. You can play with the look to create your styles and trends.

We’ve compiled 7 hot skunk hairstyles that you should check out; read on!

# 1. Basic Skunk Stripe Hair

Here is a simple but fun skunk look that is simple but fun to wear. This look is defined by the color of the black root, usually black or brunette, with a clear white or gray line covering the face.

It’s like how curtain bangs fit your face easily.

Basic Skunk Stripe Hair
Basic Skunk Stripe Hair

# 2. Skunk Ponytail

This is another skunk hairstyle that can be achieved by dying behind your hair. The line is only visible on the ponytail, which enhances the color contrast. Throw your hair in a ponytail for a bold and ugly style!

You can achieve this look with colorful hair extensions.

Skunk Ponytail
Skunk Ponytail

# 3. Subtly Striped BOB

This style takes on the look of an old skunk and cleverly aligns with the bob hairdo. The hair tips are highlighted horizontally for a pleasing effect, creating a sleek bob line.

Although this is a simple hairstyle, it is visible due to the different colors and short hair. This looks great if you want to cut hair skunk-inspired hair but don’t want to jump.

Subtly Striped BOB
Subtly Striped BOB

# 4. Wavy And Edgy Skunk

This look is about the sea-like waves with dyed ends and is another subtle form of the basic skunk look.

It is a lob (long bob) with a distinctive ombre look and two tones. This hairstyle stands out because the tresses are divided horizontally into two different colors without continuous blurring between hues.

Get this look with lots of deep curly hair and get your colorful tresses in your favorite skunk style.

Wavy And Edgy Skunk
Wavy And Edgy Skunk

# 5. Skunk Half and a Half

If you want to get it all out, split the colors in half to get a great coat of skunk fur.

This does an excellent job of extracting the shape of the skunk line, but it is also a unique beauty in its way.

Skunk Half and a Half
Skunk Half and a Half

How to do a skunk stripe in the hair at Home

What you will need

Hair Dye

So, you want to draw a skunk stripe in your hair? What do you need?

  • Hair dye
  • A comb (preferably a fine-toothed one)
  • A bowl (you can use the lid of one of those disposable plastic takeout containers if you don’t have any bowls handy)


Before you begin, comb your hair to remove any tangles. Try to use a wide-toothed comb instead of a regular brush as this will help prevent damage to your hair while styling.


If you’re worried about getting dye on your hands, don’t be! Gloves are a great way to protect your skin from stains and smears.

You can get cheap gloves online at places like Amazon, or you can head to the nearest drugstore and pick up some inexpensive latex gloves. (If you want the best price around, just ask me!)

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The first step is to towel dry your hair. This will help absorb any excess water and make it easier to section off the hair you want to highlight.

Long-tail tint brush

  • A long-tail tint brush
  • A small bowl of water or a damp paper towel

Mirror or a helping hand (optional)

You can use a mirror to help you get an accurate first-hand look at what you’re doing. If you don’t have one, it’s okay to use a friend or family member as a helping hand. This is especially helpful when pulling hair back into the elastic band since they’ll be able to see what their straying fingers are doing and make sure that everything stays in place.

How to Make Skunk Stripes:

Prepare. Make sure you gather all the right resources before you start. Please be aware that unwashed hair loss is the best option because the natural oils in your hair will protect your skin from irritation.

How to Make Skunk Stripes
How to Make Skunk Stripes

Section closed. The magic of the skunk line is in place, so be sure to separate the part you want to dye using a good, clean cleaner. You can make a single line, bangs, or nape of your neck.

Add the dye. Put on your gloves and follow the directions on the box dye.

Claim. You can apply the dye from the tips to the roots using the tip on the applicator bottle or your long tint brush. Follow the processing instructions on your dye box.

Style. Congratulations, your skunk line is complete! After you have properly styled and moisturized your hair, you can now style. Try a smooth and subtle ponytail or a voluminous’ for to show off your line.

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How to maintain skunk Stripe Hair? 

Colored hair makes it starts to feel dry and wrinkled, so using the right products and having locks this is the right program is the key. If it is not taken care of that you choose to have skunk games or low lights, the hair is at risk of injury. These tresses are certainly a healthier shade, while damaged hair begins to fade.

How to maintain skunk Stripe Hair? 
How to maintain skunk Stripe Hair? 

Below are a few typical tips on how to save hair this is a healthy home:

  • Wash your cold skunk strands or lukewarm water to avoid color stains.
  • Washing your stranded skunk strands can often remove the color – the more you wash your skunk hair, the less color it has.
  • Use good conditioner shampoos for colored hair, as well as a coloring mask.
  • Avoid using too much heat in the hair and take a break from your hot resources.
  • Applying skunk strands of hair can cause them to lose their natural color. In addition, it reduces the elasticity and saturation of the human locks. That is why good quality products are often used to prevent malnutrition.
  • Hire a stylist who can test your tailor and hair look and product guidelines for specific hair needs.

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The short Hair skunk stripe

The Short Hair skunk stripe is a cat that has been crossed with a skunk and a domestic cat. The result is a striped cat with the distinctive odor of skunk.

The short Hair skunk stripe

The Short Hair skunk stripe can be distinguished from other breeds by its distinctive black and white stripes, which are reminiscent of those found on an actual skunk’s fur. This breed also has long hair that can be straight, wavy, or curly—though it always has those stripes!

Short hair skunk stripes are the least common type of skunk stripe, but they’re still pretty popular. Like the long-haired variety, this type of stripe is usually around 1/4″ wide and about 1/2″ long. It also starts near the base of your cat’s tail and travels up to about halfway down their body before ending:

However, unlike long-haired skunk stripes—which tend to be less defined along the sides—short-haired cats have more prominent markings along their flanks that make them look more like two separate patches than one continuous strip (see image below).

Skunk stripe hair male

Skunk stripe hair male can be a great option for guys who want to change their look but don’t want to go too short. It’s also great for someone who wants to try something different but is afraid of making the wrong decision.

Skunk stripe hair male is bold and noticeable, but not too extreme or edgy that you’ll get called “emo kid” every time you wear it out in public. Skunk stripe hair male is also an easy style to maintain if you have straight or wavy/frizzy fine hair (like me). All I need is a little bit of pomade and my skunk stripes are ready!

Skunk stripe hair male
Skunk stripe hair male

Skunk Stripe Natural Hair

Natural skunk hair that is stripe Yoliswa skunk stripe wig black hair with honey blonde highlights wigs, all-natural skunk stripe hairstyle 14 16 18 20 22 24-inch body revolution black wigs with blonde lines in front 180% thickness, 5×5 closure wigs & 13×4 lace front wigs available for women sold: Shop by style skunk stripe style glow roots wigs highlight ombre wigs shade bob.

14 rows skunk that is Ali pearl blonde all-natural hair body wave right human hair wigs for sale 5×5. Skunk stripe hair is trending today as it’s a good way to acquire an appearance this is certainly new. Skunk hair that is striped demand a large amount of work plus it’s very easy to maintain.

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Skunk Stripe Hair dye

The easiest way to keep skunk stripes from happening is to choose a color that closely matches the one on the box but is just a shade or two darker than the one you currently have. When you’re dying your hair at home and want to switch colors significantly, it’s best to let a professional do it at first until you get a feel for what works with your natural color and what doesn’t.

If you use temporary dye first and then try permanent after that, it can help keep skunk stripes away because they only show up with permanent dyes.

Skunk Stripe Hair dye


Thank you for reading our blog on skunk stripe hair. We hope that you found the information useful and that you can enjoy the rest of your day with your skunk stripe hair looking as good as ever!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. We always love to hear from our readers and are always excited to share more tips and tricks for how to keep your skunk stripe hair looking great!

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