Silver lavender hair color

Silver lavender hair

It’s a cool-toned color that can work well with many skin types, but it’s not going to suit everyone. The best way to decide is by looking at pictures of other people who tried the silver lavender hair color and see how it looks on them.

If you really like how it looks, you shouldn’t have any problems. It’s also worth talking to your stylist about whether or not your hair can take it. If your hair has had some rough treatment in the past and is porous enough, you might be able to pull off this look without much work or color damage.

“However, if you have healthy strands with good elasticity and a hard cuticle layer, chances are that this isn’t going to work out for you unless you are willing to risk serious damage to your locks.”

silver lavender hair color
silver lavender hair color

Silver lavender hair color

A silver lavender hair color is a cool shade perfect for any time of year. The gorgeous and bold look takes quite a bit of upkeep, but it’s worth the effort if you want to stand out from the crowd.

To achieve this look, you will need to go through several drastic steps such as bleaching your hair, using toner, and then putting in purple dye. If you have brown or black hair naturally, you will also have to put in blonde dye in between bleaching and toning.

If this all sounds too complicated, head over to your salon and ask your stylist to do these steps for you. They might save your hair from falling out!

How to get silver lavender hair color at home?

Get silver lavender hair color at home:

  • Wash your hair.
  • Dry your hair.
  • Apply the dye to your hair, starting at the roots and working down to the ends of your hair.
  • Allow the dye to set for a few hours, depending on how strong you want it to be (the longer you leave it on, the bolder it’ll be).
  • Rinse the dye out of your hair and style as desired with a flat iron or curling wand. If you’re worried about damaging your lavender locks, use a heat protectant spray before styling!
  • Finish with a treatment for colored-treated hair if you want to keep your silver lavender hair color hue looking fierce for longer periods of time!

How To Take Care of Silver lavender hair color | Silver Purple Hair

Take care of the hair color

“This all depends on your hair, of course, but if you want to keep your colors looking vibrant for as long as possible, here are a few tips for taking care of silver and purple hair color

  • Use damage repair shampoo and conditioner. Just like any other dye job, you will probably experience some dryness from coloring over the natural pigment in your hair. Using a shampoo and conditioner formulated for dry or damaged hair will keep your strands hydrated.
  • Avoid heat styling tools as much as possible. If you can’t imagine living without using hot tools like curling irons or straighteners every day, consider purchasing a heat protectant spray. This helps prevent breakage while keeping your style intact. There are also thermal protection sprays that work wonders at protecting each strand before heating it up with those styling tools!
  • Oils are ~~your new best friend~~ the key to healthy color-treated locks! You might be thinking that oils will make my hair greasy (especially if already have naturally oily scalp) however when used correctly on colored tresses can actually do wonders!
  • For instance, coconut oil is known its ability moisturize skin while also locking in moisture which means they’re perfect –not just efficient at controlling frizz– but also nourishing each individual strand so they look vibrant & lustrous even after multiple washes!

Use Damage Repair Shampoos and Conditioner

Silver lavender hair color
Silver lavender hair color

In general, it is a good idea to use a shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate free. Sulfates can cause your color to fade at an accelerated rate.

It is also a good idea to use shampoos and conditioners designed for colored hair or mild shampoos that do not contain harsh chemicals like sulfates.

Look for shampoos with keratin, aloe vera, or other moisturizing ingredients designed to make your hair soft and shiny.It is also important to remember that even the best damage repair shampoos will not be able to remove dye buildup from your hair.

If you want your silver lavender hair color to last as long as possible, you should use a clarifying shampoo about once every couple of months (or more if needed) so that you can remove the dye buildup from your hair and give yourself a fresh start on maintaining the color.

Avoid Heat Styling Tools

  • Avoid heat styling tools.
  • If you must use a hair dryer, curling iron, or flat iron, turn the heat way down.
  • Use tools that are less damaging to hair (like ceramic straighteners).
  • Apply a heat protectant before blow-drying or using any other hot tool.

Oils Are Your New Best Friend

  • Oil your hair every now and then. Oils are your new best friend as they not only moisturize but also provide nourishment to your hair. Coconut oil is one of the quintessential hair care products that provides the best nourishment for your locks and helps retain moisture, making it a great choice to apply on colored hair.
  • Apply coconut oil from mid-lengths to ends, leaving it in overnight, if possible, then wash out with a clarifying shampoo like Phrenology’s Perfect 4 Platinum Shampoo.
  • Clarifying shampoos strip away product buildup and dulling residue while maintaining color vibrancy, which is why they’re particularly suited for silver purple hair care.

Switch to a Tinted Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Hair with silver lavender hair color will require more care than normal hair to maintain its luster. You’ll need a shampoo that’s both sulfate-free and either violet or purple in shade.

Your dye job will actually last longer when you wash your hair less frequently, but you should still use a gentle, moisturizing shampoo that is meant to prevent the fading of color-treated hair.

Deep Condition Once a Month

Deep conditioning is a must and if you’re not doing it once a month, you should start ASAP. If you’re switching to silver and lavender hair color, this is especially important since your strands will be exposed to more chemicals than usual.

“We recommend using a deep conditioner that’s specifically designed for colored hair.”

Don’t overdo it though! You can weigh down your strands if you deep condition too often.

If you don’t have time for a full-blown deep condition session, use a hair mask that can be applied in the shower and rinsed out after five minutes for the same benefits.

Pastel silver lavender hair color

Pastel silver lavender hair color
Pastel silver lavender hair color

Pastel silver lavender hair color is a trendy, vibrant shade of purple. It has blue and pink undertones that give it a soft look. This color is great for anyone who wants to try out something new. It’s a bold yet subtle color that can be worn all year round too! The best part about pastel silver lavender hair color?

You don’t have to change your lifestyle in order for this look to last longer than one wash cycle! In fact, there are no major changes required at all — just minor maintenance once or twice every few months depending on how often you wash with shampoo (and how often you shower).

If you want to get this look, but don’t know where to start, here’s everything you’ll need:

1) Color-safe shampoo

2) White conditioner3)

Purple semi-permanent dye

4) Toner

5) Purple hair elixir

6) Ola plex Hair Perfector No 3

Dusty lavender silver lavender hair color

If you’re a fan of ash hair, but want something with a little more depth that can do more for your complexion and eye color, then dusty lavender silver lavender hair color is definitely the shade for you.

Dusty lavender silver lavender hair color
Dusty lavender silver lavender hair color

This particular shade of violet has been taking the social media world by storm lately and there’s no wonder why because it looks incredible on so many different hair types. The great thing about this shade is that it can be worn as an ombre or balayage look to give your mane dimension and texture or it can be worn all over if you have lighter roots that make it easier to achieve.

If you have darker roots, then we suggest going with one of these options to avoid having to bleach your locks too much.

To help get this pretty purple hue in your mane, the team here at Style Craze has put together 57 amazing dusty lavender silver lavender hair color ideas that will make you want to book an appointment with your stylist ASAP!

Platinum silver lavender hair color

Platinum silver lavender hair color
Platinum silver lavender hair color

Platinum, silver lavender hair color is a trendy and beautiful combination that’s taking the world of glamorous hair by storm. Here’s everything you need to know about this look:

  • How do I get this look? You’ll need to start with light blonde hair and then bleach it to platinum. Then tone it with a purple toning shampoo at home or go see your stylist so they can apply lavender silver hair semi-permanent dye.
  • How do I maintain my color? To keep your color vibrant, you’ll want to use a purple shampoo every couple of days and avoid washing your hair more than three times per week.
  • Additionally, always wait at least 48 hours after coloring before washing your hair for the first time. If you wash it too soon after coloring, the color will fade faster than normal or possibly even turn out differently from what you were expecting.

Silver lavender blonde hair

What is Silver Lavender Blonde?

blonde Silver lavender hair color
blonde Silver lavender hair color

Silver lavender blonde hair has recently become quite the hair color trend. The cool and ashy tones of this color are a stylish twist on the pastel hair trend that was popular in recent years. Smoky, smudged roots give it an effortlessly chic look while still being low-maintenance because regrowth is not immediately noticeable with this style. It’s versatile enough to be worn all year round but is particularly fitting during fall and winter months due to its warm undertones.

How to Get Silver Lavender Blonde Hair?

  • Needed: hair dye
  • a portable electric stovetop burner
  • a large mixing bowl
  • a small glass vessel (like an old candle votive)
  • two plastic cups (a stirrer and something to rinse the brush in; you only need one brush), three wooden spoons (one for stirring each color)
  • a foiling combrubber gloves
  • Step 1: Using the electric stovetop burner on low heat, melt enough white chocolate chips in the glass vessel to cover your hair when it is parted into two sections. This should take about 10 minutes.
  • Step 2: While waiting for the chocolate to melt, apply petroleum jelly around your hairline and ears with a cotton ball to avoid getting dye on your skin. The petroleum jelly will also make it easier to remove any excess dye that does get on your skin.
  • Step 3: When the chocolate has melted, use the brush or Q-tip to draw a heart-shaped outline at least half an inch from where you want the highlight stripe(s) of silver lavender hair color. Make sure you draw this illustration precisely because once placed and melted in place with heat from hairdryer (or hot water if using real chocolate), there will be no going back and redrawing this shape!

How to Maintain Silver Lavender Blonde Hair

  • Use dry shampoo to avoid over-washing your hair. Since silver lavender blonde hair is a lighter shade, it’s more susceptible to washing out than darker hair. Silver shampoos can also help maintain the color of your hair while banishing brassy tones.
  • Condition with a conditioner for blonde hair. Look for a moisturizing conditioner that will repair any damage done through coloring, heat styling, and everyday wear and tear.
  • It’s recommended that you use this daily at first and then gradually decrease the frequency to every other day or twice a week once your hair has been replenished with moisture.
  • Avoid products containing sulfates or parabens.( The sulfates in some common ingredients can cause irritation, dryness, and breakage)—all things you do not want as you try to keep your new hair color looking vibrant and beautiful! It’s best if you find alternative ingredients instead (such as natural oils like coconut oil) that will leave your locks feeling healthier than ever before without damaging them further down the line from consistent exposure over time like some harsher chemicals might do.

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Silver lavender hair dyes

  • Silver lavender hair dyes are considered cool colors and can give you a calm, cool, and collected look in your hair.
  • Since purple is a mixture of red and blue, the color can surely represent some of the best traits we see in our favorite superheroes.
  • The origins of lavender date back to ancient Egyptian times where it was used for mummification and perfume. “Lavenders were also found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun.”

Berina A21 Light Grey Silver Permanent Hair Dye

Berina A21 Light Grey Silver Permanent Hair Dye
Berina A21 Light Grey Silver lavender Hair color
  • Berina A21 Light Grey Silver Permanent Hair Dye
  • Directions: Mix with developer and apply as usual. Your hair must be bleached to a very pale yellow before using this dye.
  • Pros: This product is more affordable than others on the market, and it does leave you with vibrant lavender silver hair. The color holds up even after several washes, although it may fade slightly during that time.

Ion 7SP-HM Silver Pearl Permanent Creme Hair Color

  • Formulated with the amino acids needed to produce natural-looking
  • radiant results, this dye comes in a cream so it’s easy to apply evenly. The silver lavender hair color is achieved by mixing the silver pearl base with 6V violet liquid.
  • This dye is ideal for those with grey hair who are looking for a brightening boost.
Ion 7SP-HM Silver lavender Hair color
Ion 7SP-HM Silver lavender Hair color

Schwarzkopf Got2b Metallics Permanent Hair Color

Schwarzkopf Got2b Metallics Permanent Silver lavender Hair color
Schwarzkopf Got2b Metallics Permanent Silver lavender Hair color
  • This gentle budget-friendly product is the ultimate go-to for beginners.
  • It’s pretty easy to use—you just have to apply and wait a few minutes
  • after which you can wash it out with warm water.
  • As with most hair dyes, the color will be fully activated after about four weeks
  • so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see the results, you want right away!

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Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair Color

I would like to preface this section by saying that I am writing this as a professional cosmetologist. I want to help you achieve the best results possible and so please keep in mind that I’m going to ask you a few questions.

Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair Color Silver lavender Hair color
Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair Color Silver lavender Hair color

Please read all of this before deciding to purchase any product and definitely before attempting to use it.

Now, let’s talk about Got2b metallic permanent hair color. Got2b metallic permanent hair color is a great option if you are looking for bright colors like purple, green and blue, but not if you are looking for an everyday neutral or soft pastel color (like pink or lavender)

 If you have black or dark brown hair and want something lighter than “violet pearl” this is the product for you!

  • What is your natural hair color? If it’s light blonde-light brown with no highlights then yes go ahead! Go ahead if your natural color is dark brown with some gray mixed in too. It may still work but make sure there aren’t any red tones left over from previous coloring sessions because those will not be covered up by these darker shades unless they’re dyed over again first!
  • What’s been done already? If someone has used bleach on top of their natural hair before then don’t do anything until they get rid of those highlights first – just because there isn’t any yellow doesn’t mean anything other than that hasn’t been done already so,

L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi

L'Oreal Paris Feria Multi
L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi Silver lavender Hair color

L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color, Smokey Silver (Smokey Silver)

“This product is absolutely stunning. You can tell that it was created by color experts who understand how to manipulate the undertones of their dyes in order to create new hues. The overall effect is a taupe, warm silver that has a slight shimmer and shine.”


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