Mixing Hair Color Chart

Hair Color Chart

Hair color chart is a chart that shows the hair color shades. The hair color chart helps everyone choose what hair color best suits them. The hair color chart also helps a professional hairdresser to choose the hair color shades that are best suited for a particular customer.

Hair Color Chart
Hair Color Chart

Mixing Hair color chart can be in the form of a chart or in the form of a color swatch. Hair color chart is a list of different types of hair colors and their corresponding hues. It is a chart that shows different colors and shades of hair color hair swatches.

Mixing Hair color chart is a very useful tool for hairstylists and people wishing to experiment with different hair colors. Use this chart to know the hair color chart and shades of your favorite color.

Hair color chart is a document to show the colors of human hair in different colors and shades. A hair color chart is a document that contains hair colors. Hair colors looks very different on a computer screen or in magazines, often the colors are distorted, that’s where a Mixing Hair Color Chart comes in. A hair color chart shows you what the colors look like when you hold the color next to your hair.

Mixing Hair Color Chart

Mixing hair color charts are very important because they tell us what mix of colors are needed to get a certain color. The mixture of colors that come in hair dye can make different and unique color on your hair.

These charts are very different from one company to another. You can get different color using the same Mixing hair color charts with other company. You can also use these charts for dying your hair at home. But you have to understand how long the color will stay on your hair after dying it with a certain color.

Mixing Hair Color Chart
Mixing Hair Color Chart

Mixing hair color chart is one of the most useful charts for hair coloring lovers. The chart shows different color combinations of hair colors. It is used for blending two or more hair colors. We make hair colors by blending two or more hair colors, for that we need to know Mixing hair color charts.

Mixing hair color chart is also known as color palette. All the various color schemes of hair colors can be made by mixing different hair colors.

This is a convenient way to mix hair color. You don’t have to mix hair color at the time you are doing hair. You can always have the color mixed and then store it in a bottle.

How to Use Mixing hair color chart

Mixing Hair color chart is a reference tool that shows which hair colors go together with which hair color. This will give you an idea on how to mix your own hair color. Remember that it is always the hair color you put in that determines the outcome, not the color you started with.

The mixing hair color chart referenced above is great for determining special effects hair color (highlights, ombre, etc.) but it doesn’t give you a good indication of what your hair color will look like if you choose to use different hair colors on the same head of hair.

Your hair color will look different depending on which hair color you are using, and how many different hair colors you mix together.  In the following example, I have used the same hair color.

Step to Use Mixing hair color chart

(Step 1) on 3 different heads of hair, but I have used different hair color combinations to create different hair color results.

  • Before using any hair color, please do a patch test first. Apply the color to a part of hidden scalp and leave it on for 24 hours, if there is no allergy or other adverse reactions, then you are good to go.
  • Start with clean, dry hair, 2-3 days after your last shampoo is perfect.
  • Wear protective gloves and use applicator brush for application.
  • Always mix the color according to the package, it is better to mix a smaller amount at first, and then add more if needed.
  • After color is applied, use a hair dryer to make sure the color is spread evenly.
  • Wait for 30 min. and then rinse with water and shampoo twice.
  • Color will look brighter after the first shampooing.

Why do people mix 2 hair colors together?

Color mixing is a technique used by hair stylists to improve the results of their work Using a mixing hair color chart. By mixing two different colors, they can create a shade that not only contains the best qualities of both, but one that also lies better on that person’s locks.

mixing hair colors together
mixing hair colors together

To create a blend of two colors, a stylist will measure out equal parts of each and then mix them together. Then, instead of applying the mixture with a brush, she will use her hands to gently pat it into the hair. This prevents any harsh lines or obvious changes in the color of the hair. In the end, the result will be a unified color that looks natural.

The reason why people mix different hair colors by Using a mixing hair color chart is that they want to create something new and they don’t want to end up with the same hair color as their friends or classmates.

Can you mix two shades of hair color?

It depends on the hair color that you have. Shading different hair colors can make your hair look dull and uneven. __% of the people who have colored their hair have complained about this. People with dark hair shouldn’t dye their hair with lighter shades.

This will give them an unnatural look. If you have light hair color, you can dye it with any other shade. On the other hand, if you have dark hair, then using lighter shades will only make your hair look fake.

An important thing to remember is that you should always use two complementary shades of any color. Complementary colors are two colors that are directly across from each other on the color wheel. Using complementary colors can create contrast and harmony at the same time.

The reason why complementary colors are so widely used in art, (you can see this in nature too) is that it makes objects stand out. So, when you blend complementary shades, you create a unique, striking color that will definitely stand out from the crowd. The best thing about complementary shades is that they are easy to work with. Just be sure to use one color more than the other, and you will have a stunning and surprising new color.

So, the answer to this question depends on the color of your hair. The general rule of thumb is, you can mix any two shades of hair color to get the look you are aiming for. But you have to be very careful, you can’t really make a dark shade lighter or a lighter shade darker. Mixing hair color chart can get very tricky.

You can’t make a shade lighter or darker by just mixing two shades of hair color together. You will be wasting your money if you do so. You can try mixing two different shades together because it allows you to get a different nuance from your hair color.

How to mixing hair color shades

There are many ways to get a particular color. The most common way is to mix the color you like. Mixing the color, you like is not always a good idea because it increases the risk of redness and irritation. If you are mixing hair color shades, remember the following instructions and tips:

  1. Use a mixing bowl, mix two shades and make sure it is the same for each layer.
  2. 2. The mixing ratio must be 3:1 and one shade from darkest to lightest. The second layer of color will be lighter and the last layer will be darker.
  3. If you are mixing hair color shades, using a mixing hair color chart, a water-soluble color is more favorable than oil-soluble color.
  4. Always use protective cap to protect your skin.
  5. Always use a color-protective shampoo.
  6. Don’t wash your hair with hot water.

Hair color mixing chart

Hair color mixing chart is a table that tells the mix ratio between the two ingredients of hair coloring, the developer and the pigment. __% of people color their hair at home based on this guide.

Hair color mixing chart
Hair color mixing chart

Hair color mixing ratio chart

Hair color mixing ratio chart – If you want to mix your own hair color, you’re going to need to understand hair color mixing ratio chart. It’s not as simple as mixing blue and red paint; you need to know more than that.

Can I mix hair dye colors?

The short answer is yes, you can mix hair dye colors by using hair color mixing guide. The reason is that dye colors are made up of two chemicals: The active ingredient and the bonding agent. Bonding agent is usually a dimer acid, but it’s not the dye. The chemical reaction between the active ingredient and the bonding agent is what gives you your hair color.

So, all dyes are compatible with each other. Still, mixing dyes is not recommended. The dye mixture might turn out to look bad just like mixing paint colors can produce an undesirable result. If you’re not happy with the color you get by mixing hair color charts, don’t worry. It’s easy to fix. You can use a hair dye remover and go back to your original color, or you can consider dying your hair with a professional hair dye.

How to mix hair dye colors

This applies to dyeing your hair at home. You can get an exact formula for your hair color by consulting your hairstylist or brand of hair dye using a mixing hair color chart.

You will need for hair dye color mixing chart:

  • Dye
  • Mixing bowl or a plastic cup
  • Towel or shower cap
  • Mixing stick or a toothbrush
  • Hair
  • Water Before you start,

it is good to prepare so here are some tips:

Step to Use Mixing hair color chart
How to mix hair dye colors
  1. Mix one part natural black with three parts brown. Mix 1/2 part each, testing to be sure you like the results.
  2. Mix one part brown with two parts natural black. This should be a more intense, shiny black, but still cooler than the auburn color.
  3. Use the darkest brown with a bit of natural black added if you want a shade that is more like auburn.
  4. If you want a more violet tone, mix a deep red color with a natural black base. If you want a more reddish brown, mix a golden brown with a natural black
  5. A mixture of two parts natural black to one part brown will create a very beautiful dark brown
  6. Using mixing hair color chart Mix the golden brown with one part of a deeper brown for a richer dark brown.
  7. Using mixing hair color chart Mix the darkest brown with one part of a golden brown for a dark golden brown.
  8. Using mixing hair color chart Mix the darkest brown with one part of a lighter brown for a really light brown.
  9. Using mixing hair color chart Mix a golden brown with a deep red for a beautiful deep auburn color.

Can You Mix Hair Colors from Two Different Brands by mixing hair colors chart?

Yes, hair colors can be mixed from different brands by using a mixing chart. You can mix hair colors from different brands by following these steps:

Two Different Brands by mixing hair colors
Two Different Brands by mixing hair colors
  1. Use mixing hair color chart – Mixing of hair colors depends on the developer and color. For example, if you combine permanent hair color with a semi-permanent hair color, the mixture will turn out to be permanent. Choose the color chart according to the brand of hair color you are using.
  2. Mix the hair colors hair colors chart – Now, based on the color chart, decide what shade you want to mix. For example, if you want to mix a dark brown with a lighter brown, mix 20% of the dark brown with 80% of the lighter brown.
  3. Mix the hair colors using mixing hair color chart

Now, apply this mixture on your hair and leave it for the time specified in the package. Rinse with water once you are done. Mixing of hair colors is not a tricky task. You can mix your favorite hair colors by following the above-mentioned steps.

Precautions To Be Taken While Mixing Two Hair Colors

There are some general precautions which you must take into account while dyeing your hair. Although colors give you a new look, but it is important to take some precautions during the process.

First of all, before you apply any color on your hair, you should use a hair conditioner. This will prevent the hair from breaking and make it smooth. Then you should use a conditioner which contains cream. This will give your hair a shiny look.

Apply the cocktail on your hair before starting the color application. For best results, use a spray-on color. Here it will not be much messy. Follow instructions on the box. While choosing colors, go for the natural ones. Avoid colors which are very strong and do not suit you.

If you are not a professional, then you should take the help of a professional. He will help you in deciding the perfect color for you.

Do a patch test first to see if your skin, eyes or hair is allergic or sensitive to the product. Mix very little of the dye with the developer and color additive, and always mix it in a separate bottle, in case some spills or goes wrong.

Never use hair color on the scalp if you have any cuts or scratches on it. Wear gloves while mixing the dye to your hair and while applying it to your hair. Keep the product away from your eyes and mouth, and always wash your hands after you are done coloring your hair.

Rinse your hair with water, and then shampoo and condition it. Wait at least 48 hours before you use another hair dye. Always dispose of your leftover hair dye in a proper way. Keep it in a cool and dry place and away from children and pets. Also, remember to use a shampoo that is safe to use on colored hair.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article on mixing hair color chart. It is our hope that you have gained insight into how you can properly mix hair color to achieve the look you want. If you are still unsure about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] We will be happy to explain it Using mixing hair color chart for further to you and help you get the look you are hoping for!

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